Steven R.


We are so glad we did this trip! The kayaking portion of the trip was fun, relaxing, and just when your arms start getting sore you arrive to the spot where you get out of the kayak and start the hike. It was definitely muddy and slippery, but our guide Annie told everyone to embrace their inner child and walk through the mud and have fun.. and everyone did just that! The waterfall was amazing and the water was so refreshing after hiking and was a good place to wash off the mud. I am not a fan of hiking usually but the hike was not strenuous and was definitely worth the views! This was a great activity and we would do it again!! Steven R.,California

Denise E.

New York

This trip was so great even for those who have never kayaked in their life! The kayak, the hike through the jungle (lol), that WATERFALL!!, and last but definitely not least, our guide!! He was very lax and made sure we were always safe and never made us feel like we were in any rush. Thanks Matt! 

Keith B.


 The first day concentrated on Waimea Canyon, West and South coast. We told our driver Doug that we did not drink coffee and had previously done coffee tours, his response was a rum tour. Full marks Doug, the Koloa rum tasting at the Kilohana Plantation was a great success. We then headed into Waimea canyon, some guides compare this canyon with the Grand Canyon. For lunch, we stopped at a picnic spot near the top of the canyon, to our surprise Doug laid out a picnic table with a white tablecloth and proceeded to serve lunch, now that was style. We had many comments from passersby, a bit of English charm completed in Hawaiian style? After lunch, it was down the west coast looking at a couple of bays and back to the hotel. Our second day was along the East and North coast with Doug. We found this day more thrilling and Doug was excellent giving his personal experience and knowledge of the area. Our lunch was served in a similar style to the previous day, with a white table cloth over a picnic table located in Hanalei bay. Again, an excellent choice of food for our lunch. We would thoroughly recommend this company for their tours, great vehicles for touring and excellent guides.