Where can I consume cannabis?

Medicinal cannabis consumption is allowed by the state of Hawaii on Private Property only. Beaches are not considered private property, therefore we cannot provide smoking utensils or supplies on public property.

Are pets allowed?

Service pets must be approved by the State of Hawaii. Service pets must also be declared at time of booking.

What if I have a food allergy / dietary concerns?

Our highly skilled chefs will adjust meal plans to ensure each guest's dietary concerns are taken into consideration.

Can I cancel the trip anytime?

Cancellations must be submitted in writing no later than 70 days before scheduled booking dates to receive full refund. Some cancellation dates can be shorter notice, but varies by property.

Will there be down time / beach days?

Yes, each vacation will include down time / beach days to allow you and your guests to simply unwind and enjoy the island. Drivers are available to transport guests on down time / beach days.

Do I have to have a medical cannabis card from my State or Country?

Yes, the state of Hawaii requires all non-locals to be current medical cannabis patients in their home state or country. A valid medical cannabis card will we be required for each medical cannabis patient who participates in cannabis consumption.

Do I need travel insurance?

We advise you to secure travel insurance to cancel your trip due to a covered event (including but not limited to mandatory evacuation at the property due to adverse weather or natural disaster)..

Is there an age limit?

Yes, we require all guests to be 21 or older.

What happens after I fill out book now form?

We will contact you back within 48 hours with a list of available accommodations along with pricing and an itinerary of activities/excursions.

What forms and info are required after I choose my accommodations and activities/excursions?

A rental agreement, credit/debit card authorization form and guest list with proof of valid medical cannabis card are required. Additionally the state of Hawaii requires a doctor's note stating you'll be in Hawaii during said dates and require medical cannabis.


Kelly H.


NO ONE will be disappointed in this trip. Seriously. It's geared for anyone and the connection to the island is wonderful. The kayak trip was super fun and well narrated :-)....if you wanted that. If you didn't - paddle on. Once we got to the hike, it was just as described. You could imagine the dinosaurs lurking in the grass. SO FUN! The falls? WOW! Just wow! Book this trip - you will NOT be disappointed!

Jeffrey W.


We had a terrific guide and an amazing adventure. Kayaking up the Wailua River was enjoyable. The hike to the waterfall was extremely muddy but fun, and the waterfall itself was phenomenal. Our guide was full of great info about the area, as well as great stories. Can not recommend this tour enough. 

Ron L. 


The North Shore  tour on Kauai is absolutely one of the best we have been on. Doug, our guide was fantastic. The tour is filled with interesting and beautiful places to see and explore. Doug is a total expert when it comes to teaching you the history of the islands, facts you would not know unless you go with him. The tour covers pretty much the entire island of Kauai. A must do!!!